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Since 1957 on Madison Avenue New York, under George Michael‘s creation and direction and Maria “Madora” Matarazzo‘s continuation at the helm… The flag ship falls to Jessie Martinez who continues the legacy of the original George Michael Long Hair System. We were all saddened to learn of the closure in June 2021 of this beloved landmark of beauty after 65 years on Madison Avenue in New York City.

The mantle will be taken up by the George Michael Long Hair Salon in Beverly Hills California, run by Jessie Martinez who joined George Michael on Madison Avenue in 1979 and brought the George Michael Long Hair system to Los Angeles in 1985. She has continued to expand and grow to the current location at 328 South Beverly Dr. in Beverly Hills California.

The George Michael Long Hair Salon in Beverly Hills has continued to provide all the long hair services the many clients know and love and has been able to bring the original George Michael Long Hair Products into production with an updated look, modern and clear information and product directions. The salon has now expanded services to include Velashape lll Body Treatment and European style facials and manicure services (coming soon).

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