The Long Hair Maintenance Routine

The Long Hair Maintenance Routine

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Our signature routine has everything you need to keep your hair happy and healthy! Ditch the cheap two-step haircare routines and start giving your hair what it deserves. 

The three step routine includes:

Step 1: GMLH Cream Shampoo is a rich moisturizing shampoo that is perfect for hair that is normal to dry. This mild but highly effective shampoo can be used daily or as often as your hair requires.

Step 2: GMLH One Minute Conditioner is a fast acting conditioner and is used when mild and frequent conditioning is needed. An ultra concentrated moisturizer rich in panthenol, collagen protein and emollients that allow a deep penetration in a short time. To be used after rinsing any of our GMLH shampoos.

Step 3: GMLH Cream Rinse is a unique final step rinse and is used after rinsing out conditioner. GMLH Cream Rinse helps to restore the natural PH of your hair and helps to close the hair cuticles and allows for easy detangling.

Formulated with antistatic & conditioning agents that leave hair manageable and easy to comb.

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