15 Minute Mask Highlight Product for Spring 2023

Here at the George Michael Long Hair Salon in Beverly Hills we frequently recommend our 15 Minute Mask for at home use once or twice monthly. The 15 Minute Mask is our most repairing and moisturizing product in our GMLH product line that helps manage and maintain your George Michael Long Hair Treatment at home. If you can’t make it into the salon for a professional hair treatment, then the 15 Minute Mask is the best home remedy. It also has numerous other uses:

• As a deep conditioner for home maintenance
• As a swim protection from sea salt or chlorine
• As a pomade on dry hair to add a bit of moisture and to help detangle your dry hair

As a deep conditioner, you apply the 15 Minute Mask on your ponytail after shampooing. Follow with the GMLH Cream Rinse as per our instructions.

Prior to swimming, apply ½ – 1 tablespoon of 15 Minute Mask to your dry hair and top layer. After swimming, use our GMLH Detangler ( our leave- in conditioner) to detangle and neutralize.
No need to rinse out. Once your hair dries it will have beautiful beach wave. Perfect accessory for you vacation Beach Bag Bundle. Don’t forget your wide-tooth tortoiseshell comb.

In between washing’s, if you need a bit of help unsnarling your tangles. Use just a pea size of the 15 Minute Mask rubbed into your ends and top layer for frictionless combing. It also adds just the right amount of moisture to help close down the cuticle which helps to detangle. Use a bit of our GMLH Instar spray to seal the frizzies down.

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