Are Your Hair Products Damaging Your Hair?

My love of long hair and serving others in the beauty business has been a rewarding career.

For me it’s not about fame and fortune. Even at a young age I knew that giving the customer the proper information and advice for the individual, was the correct direction. It has been extraordinarily satisfying and quite successful to reach expert status on one thing; helping my customers achieve healthy, happy and long hair. From my own growth and love of long hair, I have had long hair and genetically good hair most of my life and matched with the four “D’s”( discipline, desire, drive, and dedication)  I’ve been able to share my own growth story and know- how to have achieved cult status. The George Michael Long Hair Salon stands alone after 66 years helping and empowering clients to achieve healthier and longer hair without succumbing to a hair industry that has gone in the opposite direction.

This has been my dismay at the beauty industry. Hair Care companies responds to every trend and product development that is not always in favor of proper hair care, but mostly corporate profits and influencer opinions.

Three examples: Olaplex disaster,  heating implements, and over styling with chemical based products and the worst ever, the “Brazilian Hair Straightener” and now its Keratin hype is exactly that. Sorry it’s not a moisturizing treatment, it’s just plain bad for the majority of hair types. It works great for very kinky and extremely curly hair…for everyone else it’s too harsh and damaging to the hairs’ cuticle to actually be a smoothening or healing hair treatment. 

Because of the Brazilian keratin treatment and marketing, many large shampoo companies changed their formulations to have less or different sulfates, and so began the next wave of damage to the consumers hair. The latest wave of hair problems is because people are buying these junky, diluted non-sulfate products that line the retail shelves. These big corporate hair care companies, all changed mostly to accommodate the Brazilian blowout process. We now have a large group of people that are not washing their hair properly. Also, because these products  are non-sulfate, your hair is not getting cleaned properly. So now the new product they are marketing is a scalp scrub, which would not be needed if you were washing your hair correctly. This has created a whole host of hair and scalp issues.

I’m proud to say that our George Michael, long hair product line has retained its original formulation from the ‘70’s, which was just the right amount of everything, enough formulation, mild and effective, without stripping the hair without drying out your scalp and maintaining the proper amount of moisture no matter what length you have. We’re still here since 1957, we must be doing something right.

Mostly everyone wants  luscious thick and healthy hair. But many people are happy with just the illusion of healthy hair, i.e. extensions, wigs, layering, styling products.

 We strive here at GMLH salon to re-educate the client about their product selection , their scalp and hair needs , and how to effectively get them to the hair style and length they desire. No getting longer hair until the health and maintenance of the individuals current hair issues are addressed and rebooted. We bring everyone back to the hair basics so the hair can start growing properly with the correct hair products and their styling routines are shifted to encourage proper hair maintenance for optimum growth.

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